10 myths why you can't move to AVD this year

10 myths why you can't move to AVD this year

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Today's agenda: busting myths about Azure Virtual Desktop (previously named Windows Virtual Desktop). AVD is Microsoft's delivery of a full Windows 10 experience based in the Azure cloud platform. If this year's priority is to save time and money without disrupting day-to-day operations, you need to seriously consider this technology.

Myth 1: AVD is a flash in the pan

Virtual desktops have seen a boom in popularity due to increased remote and flexible working, with the 2020 Research and Markets report saying the industry is expected to grow by 14.4 percent from 2019 to 2027. Businesses are making the switch to AVD in droves.

Myth 2: AVD isn't the right fit for our unique circumstances

Whether you have legacy architecture, a very particular licensing model, regulatory restrictions or any other complex hurdle, there are always options out there. They're often helped along by Citrix or VMware technologies. It might be a more scenic route, but it's still the right track.

Myth 3: AVD is too expensive

If you're worried about sunk costs, an experienced IT provider can ensure existing hardware and infrastructure is used to maximise a return on that investment. If you already own a Windows Enterprise subscription or are licensing Microsoft 365, then setup costs will be minimal.

Myth 4: AVD won't work on my device or browser

One of the main advantages of AVD is that it works on a huge range of devices and browsers; any device with an HTML5-capable browser (which is most of them), in fact. Before you ask - yes. Even Linux. The times, they are a-changing...

Myth 5: AVD is slow and unreliable

We're not going to deny it: AVD is reliant on an internet connection, but with 96 percent of UK households having access to the internet, this is a relatively moot point.

The other reason your instance of AVD is slow might be due to a poorly optimised setup in Azure. If that's the case, it's time to speak to an expert clean-up crew. Done right, even power users with graphic-intensive software will be happy.

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Myth 6: AVD is too disruptive

Implementing AVD is one of those change projects that makes a big difference with minimal disruption. You won't, for example, need to spend hours training your staff: they just need to log in to a portal-like environment that contains all of their applications and files.

Myth 7: AVD won't support existing applications

Azure Virtual Desktop - so it's just for Microsoft 365 apps, right? Wrong. Other applications are available via AVD. That's even true for legacy line of business applications that are not designed for cloud SaaS environment: in some cases, a Hybrid cloud solution like Citrix can make it possible.

Myth 8: AVD isn't secure

AVD allows you to treat devices as thin clients with no local storage. That way, data remains centralised. It also offers granular access management control, and you can get Microsoft Defender built in for free. On top of all that, Azure is one of the most secure cloud computing platforms in the world. Basically, you're in good hands.

Myth 9: AVD is complex to manage and administrate

This couldn't be further from the truth. With recent improvements around integrations such as those with the Azure Portal and Azure Resource Manager, managing the environment is quick and easy, and you can scale up and scale back resourcing on a dime.

Myth 10: AVD makes my job defunct

If it's not the robots taking our jobs, it's the cloud. In reality, making the move to the cloud frees IT time to deliver exceptional service and work on innovations. More broadly, AVD gives every department access to the tools and information they need to be productive and do their best work.

AVD myths: busted

Truthfully, there are very few barriers to entry when it comes to Windows Virtual Desktop. For more information, check out this article on the business benefits of WVD, next.

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