VMware streamlines the digital transformation journey for businesses that want to deliver better experiences to their customers and empower their employees. Their software spans compute, cloud, networking, security, and (of course) the 'digital workspace'.

HTG hold the VMware Cloud on AWS competency. This brings the rich suite of AWS services to the enterprise applications running on VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualisation platforms. It enables us to add new updates and innovations to their applications by integrating AWS infrastructure and platform capabilities.

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VMware Service

VMware Cloud Solutions

Introducing VMware Cloud Solutions

The benefits of the cloud are undeniable – from instant access to infinite IT resources and new applications to redefined IT operations and the acceleration of digital transformation.

Now, VMware is taking it even further. Build, run, manage, connect and protect all of your applications. Multi-Cloud solutions from VMware deliver an operating model that caters to all applications.

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Consistency in the hybrid cloud

Build on a foundation of virtualised and software-defined infrastructure wherever you run your applications.

Research shows that 83% of cloud buyers are looking for a hybrid cloud solution that delivers consistent infrastructure and operations.

By using the same VMware-based infrastructure and operations stack across private cloud, public cloud and edge environments, you get a consistent operating model that increases business agility, reduces costs, and creates a native developer.

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Seamless, simple migration 

The consistency of the VMware Cloud infrastructure and operations can accelerate your migration from data center to cloud. Their platform enables users to assess workloads, reducing overall costs and risks when migrating.

Now, you can leverage the right environment for each application, reduce hardware and operational costs and continue to meet IT requirements for visibility, security and control.

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Scale on demand, from public to private

A consistent cloud management platform allows you to access the capacity you need, when you need it.


Move apps across environments, share infrastructure resources, access rapid disaster recovery and scale up and down to meet business growth or spikes in demand – all without disruption, excess cost or complexity.

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Why use VMware for the hybrid cloud?

The hybrid cloud creates new digital possibilities, opening the door to cost-effective scalability, flexibility and modernisation. Here's why VMware is the best way to manage it. 


Increase business agility

Application developers can focus on business goals without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure.


Optimise IT efficiency

IT departments can deploy workloads where they're best suited, guided by a combination of business and technology requirements.


Reduce business risk

When business priorities change, IT can quickly respond and shift workloads without being locked into a particular environment.

User Profile Management

Proper profile management is one of the key principles of a virtual workspace, allowing for user mobility and the effective use of compute resources across locations and hosting.

When integrated with AVD, Citrix, or other remote desktop solutions, the FSLogix product suite improves user experience, speed, and simplicity.

Learn more about FSLogix here. 

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