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Reduce risk, remain compliant. Get built-in data security that ensures compliance and protection. A dependable, proactive approach to safeguarding what matters.

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What's threatening your data?



As your organisation moves to the 'digital workplace', it's vital to protect your business-critical data from cyber-attacks. The people behind those attacks are aware of your vulnerabilities. It's never been more important to head off data breaches and secure your communications.


Device management

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are increasingly popular. Allowing employees to use personal devices for work or reusing existing hardware might be a cornerstone of your cost-saving business continuity plan. It's also a strategy that needs to be implemented with care, by experts.


Remote work

A dispersed workforce is sometimes inevitable. Unsecured networks, phishing attempts and weak passwords can present countless, decentralised threats to your data if they are not addressed. The success or failure of remote work hinges on secure infrastructure and clear processes.



Penalties for breaching data privacy regulations can be severe, and the guidelines complex. Operating without knowledge of - or provision for - those guidelines introduces serious and avoidable risk. From GDPR to industry-specific requirements, you can't afford non-compliance.

Our security services


Penetration testing

HTG's testing services protect your digital environment. Web application testing identifies weaknesses in your applications and safeguards your database and servers. Infrastructure penetration testing looks for vulnerabilities in everything from your wireless and virtual systems to your internal and external networks.

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Security consulting

Our experienced consultants adapt digital tools and processes to meet the needs of regulatory frameworks. We provide tailored advice to suit industry, size and global reach. Guidance is measurable and actionable. We can cover compliance, social engineering, and more general security training for employees.

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Managed security services

HTG offers Microsoft 365 subscriptions with built-in Windows Defender and other security features. We work closely with third-party service providers and resolver groups to maintain a well-managed IT estate for our customers. Our Technical Support Centre monitors your systems to ensure that they are running as they should. This allows us to act before incidents get a chance to cause downtime or outages.

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Strategy planning

HTG's cybersecurity and data privacy services help our customers to assess, improve and manage their responsiveness to incidents and threats. Along with technical analysis and managed services, we offer strategic-level advice. Our guidance is designed to help shape a defined risk management response - and to address legal issues around data privacy and breaches.

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Our technology

Go for gold. Genuine expertise. Successful vendor partnerships.

We are certified Virtual Desktop Specialists and Gold experts at the highest level with all the leading vendors, such as Microsoft and Citrix, as well as being top-tier accredited with VMware, and others. Our partnerships and stack of accolades gives us the capabilities required for Enterprise-level operations and end-to-end delivery, both from a technological and strategic perspective. We work directly with these vendor development teams to deliver cutting-edge services into our customers' hands.

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How we safeguard your data



We use our 25 years of industry experience to anticipate threats and plan accordingly.



A proactive security strategy prevents risks from developing into breaches.



When incidents do occur, identifying them as early as possible mitigates their impact.



Responding to threats as soon as they're located prevents the flow of data out of your business.

Our partners

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The benefits of a secure business


Data protection

Protect intellectual property and corporate data without sacrificing business continuity.


Secure collaboration

Get a consistent, seamless, secure UX - even with a dispersed workforce on different devices.


Compliant IT

Satisfy requirements for data privacy compliance, and eliminate the risk of penalties.


Reduced risk

Mitigate the threats to your business and critical assets with market-leading security solutions.


Security-first culture

Encourage a culture that prioritises secure IT with training, consultation, and implementation.


Peace of mind

With confidence that your IT is fully protected, dedicate more focus to business success.


Find out about our security services

Get in touch with our cybersecurity team to find out more about our business continuity and disaster recovery, data security and modern data centre solutions.

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What our clients say

HTG took over the IT support for my company, AMF, over 12 months ago and during that time they have more than justified our decision to switch. The personal service we receive has been very professional and the support goes way beyond what we expected. I would have no hesitation in recommending the company as they take the mystique out of IT for clients such as AMF and are continually looking for cost effective solutions.

Jack Hanwell

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