Why your next workplace strategy should have a digital focus

Why your next workplace strategy should have a digital focus

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Did you know, 84 percent of UK companies intend on adopting a full-time hybrid workplace strategy after the pandemic? According to HR Magazine, 59 percent of UK business leaders believe that it’ll make companies more profitable, too.

However, a hybrid approach requires a digital strategy that empowers teams to work at any time, from anywhere. All without hindering their performance.

Here’s why your next workplace strategy should have a digital focus.

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Businesses want more collaboration

Ninety-three percent of businesses plan to include more effective use of collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. In fact, since the pandemic began, Microsoft Teams saw a 70 percent spike in daily active users.

Collaboration is undoubtedly the cornerstone of successful hybrid working. But to enable greater collaboration, it doesn’t necessarily require more tools.

What you need instead is to find the balance between choice and efficiency. Find the right practices that drive engagement and synchronicity across your teams.

A digital workplace strategy that delivers on this can help your business increase productivity by up to 30 percent.

Businesses want more flexible office space

If businesses have learned anything during the global pandemic, it’s that flexibility is the key to long-term survival.

In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered that agile businesses grow revenue 37 percent faster and generate 30 percent higher profits than non-agile ones.

Deploying a workplace strategy that embraces this agility lets you scale up and down your office space quickly. This means you can adapt to immediate business needs, without impacting employee productivity.

To do this successfully, it requires a cloud-first digital framework that lets employees transition from in-office to at-home working as seamlessly as possible. To put it simply: no matter where employees are, work has to just, well… work.

Businesses want to focus on employee wellbeing

Burnout is a very real problem. In fact, 77 percent of professionals have experienced burnout at their current job. What’s more, 51 percent have experienced it more than once.

But don’t worry, enabling work-life balance while boosting productivity is possible. But you need the right tools.

Platforms like Microsoft Viva allow employees to engage with their work in a healthy way regardless of geographic location. In fact, tools like this are the reason that 52 percent of UK employees enjoy a better work-life balance after working from home.

Keeping up with the competition

Eighty-one percent of UK businesses say that they need to implement a new workplace strategy post-Covid.

And if hybrid, remote and flexible working is to be the next normal, this makes sense.

You need a strategy that lets you retain your competitive edge and improve employee productivity, all without worrying about the ‘where’ of work. If you do, you can deliver on employee expectations while achieving your strategic goals.

To find out how you can level up your workplace strategy with HTG, contact us today.

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