Why you need hybrid working capability even as we enter the new normal

Why you need hybrid working capability even as we enter the new normal

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If you’re like us, you’ve got a glass half full outlook on life.

That said, it’s wise to think pragmatically and to prepare your business for whatever twists and turns the future (and the wake of the pandemic) might have in store.

Part of this means building your hybrid working capability. Do so, and you’ll have the flexibility to continue operating while taking advantage of the benefits that flexible work offers.

Let’s take a closer look at why you need hybrid working capability.

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Regulatory compliance

Maintaining compliance with regulations like GDPR can be arduous.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought on even more challenges for companies trying to remain compliant. That's a sobering thought when you consider that fines can run up to £17 million for breaching GDPR. And, don't forget - you may have HR compliance or other industry-specific regulations to consider.

The answer is to upgrade your technology and systems to secure your data. As a priority (and a minimum), you’ll need a secure cloud platform. It makes sense to draw on the experience of partners with credentials such as Cyber Essentials and CE Plus. The minor investment coud save you millions in regulatory fines.

VPN risks

Yes, VPNs are in vogue, and you’ve probably been bombarded with advertisements for them.

However, they’re often a vulnerability for your business. That’s because staff using a VPN will connect their home network directly into the corporate network. This allows private traffic (and whatever their household or family are doing) the potential to impact your business network.

Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop solves this problem. It provides virtualised desktops and applications in the cloud to provide a secure workplace for staff. With a solution like this, your staff connect directly to a centralised corporate infrastructure that can be pre-configured for security.

Makeshift solutions

The rush to remote working and the cloud might have meant your business made some short-term decisions. That’s fine, but when looking forward to a hybrid future, it makes sense to set things up sustainably.

Part of this means establishing a cloud-first strategy. You’ll want IT that meets your technological and strategic needs. And, of course, a scalable virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) at the heart of your modern workplace.

We helped one client develop and deploy a solution built on Citrix and Microsoft Azure. Now, they benefit from an established, sustainable long-term IT strategy. They also get immediate benefits, including single sign on across the network to streamline end-user experience.

Be prepared

report from Mckinsey found that as the pandemic eases, hybrid work will become the norm. Indeed, nine out of 10 employers say they’ll allow some form of hybrid work in the future.

We've mentioned a few foundational solutions here, but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, there are many parts to the IT modernisation equation, from improving your cloud and IT spend to using virtual desktops to boost flexibility.

If you’d like to learn about how we can help you modernise your systems and tech stack, reach out for a chat with one of our team today.

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