Why a modern workplace is the future of your business

Why a modern workplace is the future of your business

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Times have changed - is your company a modern workplace?

More agile. More efficient. Better suited to thrive in today’s business landscape. Built around the latest tech, the modern workplace is a collaborative and engaging place for your employees.

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Here's why you should be modernising your workplace:

It promotes productivity

More than 50 percent of businesses cited increased productivity as a reason to continue remote or hybrid working, according to the 2021 ONS report.

By implementing modern workplace technologies and cloud-based infrastructure such as Azure Virtual Desktop, you allow room for remote working to flourish. This working style promotes more autonomy, meaning employees can take the lead in their own work.

While the pandemic saw a drop in productivity on a large scale, it grew to even surpass that of in-office work. Employees said their productivity increased by 45 percent from April to May of 2020. This trend has continued, proving remote working is just as a productive environment as the office, if not more so. The data suggests that a modern, flexible workplace with an emphasis on person-focused work is key to helping your employees reach their potential.

There's more opportunity to collaborate

New technology such as Microsoft’s 365 has put the power of collaboration into the hands of your teams. Online tools like Teams, SharePoint and Planner help your teams stay in contact and work together in real-time, with all your valuable business data stored securely in the cloud.

Collaboration tools will also maximise your profits. Pointless meetings have been estimated to cost the UK billions every year. By reducing in-person meetings, you're not racking up travel expenses.

You can improve your IT sustainability

We're all responsible for creating a more sustainable world, and the way we work is no exception.

Offices account for a large portion of overall commercial energy consumption, but there are plenty of ways businesses can take control and refine their environmental credentials. Here's a few ways to improve your digital sustainability:

Allow for remote working

There was a significant drop in emissions once we all started working from home in 2020. If you work from home, you and your team won't need to commute, directly reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses you’re adding to the environment.

Go paperless

50 percent of the waste that companies produce consists of paper. You can minimise your waste and improve your security by migrating your documents to a cloud.

Switch to Energy Savers

You can cut your costs and reduce your energy consumption by using energy-saving tech. This might include using LED lighting, smart monitors or setting devices to 'eco-mode'.

Find out more about how you can create a sustainable modern workplace in this blog post.

The modern workplace is the solution

The benefits of a modern workplace are clear, not just for business owners but for your employees and the environment. As technology evolves, the workplace will, too.

Be the advocate for a modern workplace in your business by requesting a workplace assessment.

If you’d like to talk with one of our experts and explore how HTG can help you on your journey, reach out today for a chat with our team.

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