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Do you want full control of your IT estate, a network that is safe from threats with your critical data protected across your organisation? We can help. 


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HTG Overwatch

The need for cybersecurity is rising

As we enter an era where cyberattacks are not just probable but inevitable, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have robust and affordable means of defence. Small businesses in particular face a steep challenge – with almost 50% reporting being victims of cybercrime.


200 million records exposed globally in 2023.


150% increase in ransomware attacks since 2020.


50% of businesses experienced indicators of a compromise in network security.

December 2023 by the numbers

30 Minutes

Average first response time

161 Minutes

Average resolution time


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HTG Overwatch

Welcome to HTG Overwatch

HTG Overwatch is a Security Managed Service that aligns with the industry recognised zero trust security model. The service is built upon continuous verification and strict access controls adhering to the CIS Framework. 

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How HTG Overwatch Works

Overwatch is built around three pillars – Protect, Secure, and Recover. When combined, these pillars empower a business to operate confidently. Knowing that, in the event of an attack, they will experience a safe and successful managed recovery, minimising potential data loss or financial damage. 



Secure management of your entire IT estate, with monthly reports to ensure security and peace of mind.



Protect critical data across your entire organisation and ensure data integrity and compliance.



Air-gapped backup for your servers and data in the cloud, online, and on premises.

Why choose HTG Overwatch?


Aligned with industry recognised Zero-Trust security model


Affordable solution that’s tailored to your business needs


Built by HTG, a Microsoft Security Solutions Specialist

Want tomorrow's security today?

We can keep your business safe, so you can keep doing what you do best. Book a chat with us to discuss your cybersecurity posture.