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HTG deploys modern device management for Seriös Group

HTG deploys modern device management for Seriös Group

Posted by HTG

The client

Formed in 2020, Seriös Group is a UK-based boutique business intelligence, data analytics, testing and quality assurance consultancy, empowering international clients across all sectors with the knowledge and know-how to optimise analytics, business solutions and performance.

Its reputation is built on applying innovation and creativity to industry standard methodologies and processes. An ambitious scale up strategy which will see it treble in size by 2025 saw the business extend its portfolio this year, partnering with software house Boxmodel to include delivery of specialist software development services to its client base.


The issue

As a rapidly expanding business, onboarding new people to the team and dealing with frequent joiners, plus movers and the occasional leaver, had evolved into a time consuming, costly affair. New laptops had to be ordered, unpacked and configured on premise by HTG, then made ready for new staff and contractors to collect when they came to the office for their induction process.

This involved ordering a laptop, which could take up to five days depending on procurement, then provisioning the new user account, setting passwords, assigning policies and permissions, adding software licenses, building the desktop and installing software, arranging shipping and on-boarding. All taking a total time of between three and six days, and at a cost of around £500-£650 per user.

The height of the pandemic saw the UK workforce swiftly pivot to a home working model, eliminating the usual onboarding process of employees coming into the workplace for their staff induction and to collect laptops and other tech equipment. This accelerated the need to take a fresh look at how the process was handled, and how technology could transform this and create a sleeker, more cost effective way of integrating new people to its growing workforce and giving them secure, anytime, anywhere access to systems, collaborative tools, and information.

Security was paramount, and Seriös Group turned to HTG for help, based on its pedigree and its coveted status as a Microsoft Gold and Advanced Specialist Partner.


The solution

Following the consultation period, and as part of Seriös Group’s move to cloud services to leverage more value from technology, a two-month project codenamed Digital Concierge saw the HTG team create a tailor made cloud environment that allows the HR team at Seriös Group to simply log in to an easy-to-use portal and register and action all the technical and support requirements for a new starter.

The new environment incorporates HTG’s highly successful Device Management Configuration Pack (DMCP), which deploys Microsoft Endpoint Manager to enable modern device management that keeps data secure on-premises and in the cloud. DMCP’s principles are based on enrol, configure, protect and retire, and the service has been rolled out to HTG’s clients across the UK.

Using the new portal, all the necessary equipment for a new starter is ordered, securely configured via cloud and then the physical device or laptop is delivered direct from the manufacturer – brand new and still shrink wrapped - to the user, speeding up delivery.

When they switch on their Mac or Windows device, everything they need is instantly to hand, from Seriös Group’s infrastructure and systems, to the relevant permission-based tools, files and data they need to be an effective member of the team from day one.

A built in ‘evergreen IT’ approach using intelligent security means that systems and user facing software is continually and automatically patched and updated, reducing the likelihood of an easily preventable security breach.

When someone comes to the end of their contract, HTG can lock down and remote wipe the device, arrange for it to be collected by courier, and have it returned and ready for a new build image to be applied.

All users are also given access to a series of handy ‘how to’ guides developed to help them quickly settle in. They also have instant access to the support desk, which is part of part of the managed service contract which HTG provides, to deal with any queries.


Managed service wraparound

The managed services agreement, which gives Seriös Group access to unrivalled levels of expertise as well as a predictable cost base, also allows the business to access a range of extra, high value benefits through HTG’s credentials in the enterprise space, and in particular its Advanced Specialist Gold partnership with Microsoft.  

As a prime example of its proactive partnership approach, HTG was able to provide Seriös Group with Accelerator Packs through Microsoft’s Cloud Accelerator Program (MCAP), to help the business launch a new service supporting clients looking to demonstrate secure systems and processes, particularly around classifying and using data, in order to work towards achieving UK industry recognised certifications including ISO27001, ISO/IEC27002, and ISO9001.

HTG was also able to help alleviate the effects of the global silicon shortages, by migrating previously on-premise systems such as resource-heavy workstations to the cloud, eliminating the need to procure new tin.  


Benefits and key results

  • The Digital concierge service has resulted in significant cost reduction and boosted efficiency.
  • The Exclaimer service, which was part of the project, also means created accounts are automatically added to Outlook Groups based on their role, and auto- signatures are created with the employee details. This gives Seriös Group a standardised email signature across the organisation which can be easily amended and updated.
  • New user accounts, licences and permissions are provisioned and provided within five minutes of ordering. If the user is receiving a physical device, it will be delivered to the end user within 24 hours of order.
  • End user and the device is managed by HTG, providing peace of mind around key areas such as security updates and compliance.
  • A fully managed service means no need to invest in a dedicated IT department.
  • Seriös Group have the reassurance of having access to the highest levels of expertise across a range of disciplines, available on demand.



  • Frictionless joiners, movers and leavers process
  • Peace of mind against security threats
  • Simplified compliance and asset management
  • Excellent user experience, supporting staff satisfaction and retention


Seriös Group’s MD Paul Davison said: “It’s no exaggeration to say that working with HTG has helped us to solve business challenges wherever they arise, increase our return on investment in technology tools, and freed us up to concentrate on our growth.

HTG’s credentials and its premier partnership with Microsoft allows us to unlock a range of enhanced benefits. They have proved time again to be a trusted partner, and a safe pair of hands. They help us to constantly evolve, with ideas and suggestions on how to enhance security and processes, which has supported our efforts to successfully achieve ISO27001 this year.

The team are continually developing innovative ways of using technology to enable smarter ways of working, which dovetails exactly with our own approach to helping organisation’s to do better business.

Our new Digital concierge service has streamlined and transformed processes, without compromising security. It has massively reduced the time and effort involved in making sure our new staff have everything they need and can start work as quickly as possible. Added extras such as the ‘How to’ guides have proved invaluable, reducing the hand holding time previously devoted to helping starters settle in. The whole project was seamless, we had a fixed price outcome, and being cloud based we can easily scale up when needed.

One of the reasons we work with HTG is because it’s an honest and two-way partnership, we discuss and debate issues and rely on the team’s recommendations and expertise to guide us down the right path for our business.

Digital Concierge is typical of the value of our managed service from HTG, and a perfect example of how a true partnership can underpin our transformation journey to being a thoroughly modern workplace.”


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