How a digital-first modern workplace enables business growth

How a digital-first modern workplace enables business growth

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Have you heard of flow? That is, 'the highly focused mental state conducive to productivity.' In a modern workplace, you create the ideal environment for flow by reducing distractions, automating busy work and improving access to critical work functions.

You can achieve all this with the right digital technologies for the job, such as virtual desktops. With these tools, your team will be able to focus on the productive work that leads to business growth.

Here are three more crucial ways a digital-first modern workplace can benefit your business:

1. Security-enabled remote working

73 percent of employees want flexible remote work options, according to Microsoft's 2021 Work Trend Index.

However, an effective remote working environment requires digital foundations. Your employees must be able to access the files, apps and tools to do their tasks.

If they're left waiting on access requests to siloed information, it's guaranteed they won't be working efficiently. And if people are then sharing that sensitive data in unsecured ways — such as by using a personal email that has a weak password — then your business is facing a costly IT security culprit: human error.

Of course, really, this is an organisational failure. By hosting these operations in a secure cloud environment, you mitigate such issues and take onus as a business for IT security. No blame games, no PR nightmares. It's growth as in 'grown up'.

Top tip: With Azure, the Azure Security Centre offers layers of protections calibrated to cope with hybrid and remote working. To find out if this solution is right for you, sign up for our free security assessment, here. Or, click the image below.

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2. Putting savings towards growth projects

Going digital-first is a cost-saving dream. When you consolidate your IT expenses, you can free budget for growth projects, such as expanding your sales outreach or developing new product lines.

Here are some ways a digital-first business can help you save for future growth:

  • Moving to the cloud - 80 percent of businesses say they've saved money since migrating some or all of their infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Travel costs - Instead of salespeople travelling to meet clients, save the cost of the trip with video conferences and webinars on Microsoft Teams.
  • Office maintenance - With a hybrid office setup, companies can save around a third of their real estate budgets.

3. Sustainable growth in the cloud

By transferring your on-premise systems to the cloud, you can eliminate existing servers and hardware. Not only do you avoid the capital cost of buying replacements but you also outsource to Microsoft the cost of heat, power, floor space and maintenance. That represents a cost-saving.

But, it's also the smarter choice for the planet. A study found that systems hosted in Azure were up to 93 percent more energy-efficient and up to 98 percent more carbon efficient than on-premises solutions. Business growth must be sustainable, after all.

Partnerships are vital contributors to your business's sustainability profile. Microsoft has introduced Cloud for Sustainability, which is available for preview on their website.

In any case, all Microsoft products, like M365 or Azure, are delivered by a carbon-neutral business. So, by working with the right IT provider who will help you implement these technologies, you can make your own business more sustainable, today.

The modern workplace is a digital workplace

Think ahead to your modernised workplace. Your people operate more securely and productively. You're able to allocate your IT budget to bigger, better innovations. And, you're meeting sustainability targets.

These results all contribute towards your ultimate objective: to grow your business. Digital technologies, therefore, unlock this potential for growth across multiple parts of your organisation.

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