Cloud business solutions that you might have missed in the 2020 rush

Cloud business solutions that you might have missed in the 2020 rush

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Let's face it, 2020 was a bit much.

That's perhaps an oversimplification, but it's true. Every business had a lot to both think about and act upon. From rapidly figuring out remote working and ensuring business continuity, to furlough and lockdown management, it was a busy time. (And many of us had to do all that while dealing with home schooling!)

This led many businesses to implement short-term, cloud-based fixes that worked and kept the lights on, but were far from ideal. In fact, enterprise cloud spending increased 34.4 percent last year.

So, as we turn the corner and move ever further into 2021, it's time to optimise.

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1. Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix

When remote working, it can be difficult to ensure your team has everything they need to stay productive and secure. Especially if they're working on a private machine like a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

A combination of Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to work remotely via virtual apps and desktops. This means employees can access everything they need, without compromising security.

No matter what device your employees use, you can provide a secure, consistent virtual platform for them to do their best work. You also remove the need for a data centre, eliminating potentially expensive capital costs.

2. Microsoft Teams

True collaboration requires more than just being in the same room. It's about being able to seamlessly work together, with access to everything you need to do amazing work.

In the last year, all to many employees have found themselves unable to to access relevant information and resources to do their jobs properly. What's more, their progress has been slowed due to ineffectual (or in some cases non-existent) collaboration platforms.

Microsoft Teams was a game-changer in 2020, with huge numbers of businesses adopting the tool at the last minute. However, many are finding themselves experiencing the pitfalls of a rushed deployment, something an expert IT partner could help with.

Done right, Teams' real-time chat, built-in video conferencing and secure file sharing (backed by SharePoint) mean your team can work together effectively, and from anywhere.

3. Power Automate

Whether at home or in the office, outdated legacy processes can severely impact productivity.

With Power Automate, as part of Microsoft 365, you can automate inefficient legacy processes to make better use of your time.

So, stop wasting money on bureaucracy, admin and other productivity drains. Allow yourself and your team the time to focus on more important, value-generating activities that boost your bottom line.

2021: year of the better business

Turn away from the fog of 2020; this year, it's time to embrace the cloud.

If you're looking to take your first steps towards a better business, get in touch with our EUC experts, today. We'd love to talk to you and share our expertise in how cloud technology can boost productivity, collaboration and business growth, all while cutting costs.

technology stack enterprise-level remote working


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