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The Top 5 benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Hybrid Workforces

The Top 5 benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for Hybrid Workforces

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The Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop for the Hybrid Workforce 

The challenge of today’s uncertain economic landscape has forced businesses to adapt quickly to ensure we can work safely, securely, efficiently – and remotely. That means that remote and hybrid workforces require flexible and agile working solutions that allow them to continue their operations unhindered, no matter where they are working.  

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a desktop and application virtualisation service that runs in the Azure Cloud, providing remote access to essential business resources. AVD’s ability to provide rapid access to the cloud has meant that it’s become the virtualisation solution of choice for thousands of businesses.  

Top 5 Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop  

As it is such a capable solution with so many advanced functionalities, there are many benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop. However, for hybrid businesses specifically, there are five advantages that stand out. 

#1 AVD is a highly flexible solution  

Azure Virtual Desktop enables far greater flexibility for your workforce. By harnessing Windows Desktop to offer a user experience almost identical to that of office working, Azure Virtual Desktop is accessible on any compatible device from just about anywhere with an internet connection. With Azure Virtual Desktop, work is more than just a place; your employees have the freedom to be productive wherever they go.  

Plus, Azure Virtual Desktop integrates with the rest of your Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, meaning your business can provide a completely seamless working experience.  

And best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice cost-efficiency for flexibility: instead you can utilise multi-session capabilities to stack multiple users on a single virtual desktop without their settings or usage conflicting.  

#2 AVD has great Scalability 

With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can efficiently scale your resources up or down depending on your usage at that time. This is because Azure Portal is a unified hub that allows you to manage your Cloud resources. Through Azure Portal you can manage AVD, configuring network settings, deploying desktop applications, enabling security features and adding or removing users as needed.  

#3 AVD is incredibly cost-efficient  

One of the greatest benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop is its cost-efficiency. As a virtual solution, AVD requires little-to-no investment in costly on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, if you have an existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription, you won’t face extra licensing or management overhead costs. Azure Virtual Desktop has a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing that helps to contain costs and ensure that you are never paying for more than you are using. 

#4 AVD has great backup and recovery capabilities 

Azure Virtual Desktop is equipped with backup and recovery solutions that help your team to protect against outages. Azure Site Recovery, a disaster recovery service native to the Azure Cloud, helps to keep your applications up and running and your business operational, even during outages. Plus, Azure Service Health will notify you about Azure service incidents and planned maintenance, allowing you to mitigate downtime ahead of time. 

#5 AVD enables streamlined management  

One of the most significant benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop is the streamlined and simplified management. Microsoft are responsible for managing nearly the entire infrastructure of your AVD environment, including storage, networking, computing, diagnostics, load balancing and brokering. This means that you only need to manage your users, applications, and virtual machines. 

Want to transform your hybrid workforce with AVD 

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we’ve successfully delivered secure and incredible AVD working environments for customers across the globe, including specialised organizations in both housing and financial sectors.  

We also offer an optional, end to end managed service, built upon cutting-edge, enterprise-grade technology to guarantee outstanding performance. It is delivered by our highly trained, in-house solutions experts, who design and build a bespoke solution based on your business needs. If you’d like to partner with us to transform your hybrid workforce with AVD, simply get in touch 

Or if you’d like to better understand if AVD is right for your organization, download our free AVD Data Sheet.  


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